Health Class Update, 10/30/12

Last week, students took a quiz on the first part of Unit 2, which covered personality, self-esteem, coping strategies, and eating disorders.  Since then, we’ve been covering mental disorders, including depression.  Our school psychologist, Mrs. Hollinger, will be coming into classes this week to talk about self-injury and suicide.  The last part of the unit will focus on stress and healthy ways to manage it.  During this part of the unit, students will complete an assignment where they will interview an adult (parent, other relative, teacher, coach, etc.) about their stressors and how they manage it and compare the information to their own stress.

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Health Class Update, 10/4/12

After taking the Unit 1 test last week, student are now working in the Mental Health unit.  The guidance counselors came into the health classrooms this week to administer the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator.  This is a test that tells students what their personality type is.  Students can use this information to help with career planning, relationships and self-improvement.  We also discussed how personality develops and changes over time.

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Health Class Update, 9/21/12

We finished up Unit 1 this week by discussing consumer health.  For homework, students are to record and evaluate ads they see by watching television.  This assignment is due 9/24 (even) or 9/25 (odd).  The unit test is Wednesday, 9/26 for even classes and Thursday, 9/27 for odd classes.

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Health Class Update, 9/13/12

It was great to meet all the parents who came to back to school night last night!  I hope you were able to learn more about what to expect in health class this year.

Just a reminder – the first quiz for health is coming up.  Even classes will take the Unit 1 quiz on Friday, September 14th and odd classes will take the quiz on Monday, September 17th.  Students should review their notes from class to prepare for the quiz.

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Health Class Update, 9/8/12

This week in health class we began Unit 1 Wellness.  We discussed life expectancy and the leading causes of death in the U.S., as well as the six dimensions of wellness.  Students completed the “Total Health Assessment” which was a way for them to evaluate their own health in a number of different areas.  After completing the self-assessment, students graphed their results.  For homework, students need to analyze their results and create a wellness goal by completing the “Working on Wellness” action plan (due 9/10 for even classes and 9/11 for odd classes).  These handouts, as well as other class resources can be found on my Moodle.

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Welcome Back to School! 8/28/12

Welcome back!  I am excited to start another school year at York Suburban and I am looking forward to meeting my new students this week.  I hope everyone had a relaxing summer!  I will be using this blog to update students and parents on health class happenings.  Please check back throughout the year to find out what we are working on.

This week in health class, I will be going over the course syllabus with students.  Students should take the syllabus home to review with a parent/guardian, get the contract portion signed and return it the following class.  Students should also complete the “Health Survey” on the backside of the contract.  The syllabus and other course materials can be accessed via Moodle.  Finally, students will participate in a few activities to get to know one another better and foster a positive classroom community.

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