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5-26-11, 5-27-11, 5-31-11

Today and tomorrow students will be working on “Plate Boundaries and Patterns of Activity.” I can assure you that careful work on this activity will help you on the final (6-3-11). All of the websites and links on the activity (pdf) are found on this blog. Map and tables also.

Recent Earthquakes (1)

Volcanoes Erupting in 2011 (2)

Active Volcanoes and Plate Boundaries (3)

World Seismicity Maps (after Step 5) if this appears inactive try this one , choose the area and then search for the Seismicity Map of ____________ under Maps.



Students complete notes on Plate Tectonics – plate boundaries and continental margins (Smartboard Notes 5-24-11 ). Students then colored and cut out Pangaea parts. We will assemble the supercontinent tomorrow in class. Final is coming up on Friday 6-3-11.


Seismology and Faulting Quiz. Book inventory. Map below will make more sense after we finish the Plate boundary notes!


Day 2 in the computer lab to finish up TASA activity on Plate Tectonics. We reviewed the material for the seismology quiz on Mon 5-23-11. Please review the blog entries and your notes from 5-10-11 to present (exclusive of Plate Tectonics). Know the types of faults, how to read a seismogram to locate an earthquake epicenter and find the magnitude. On the seismogram below, what is the lag time (S-P interval time)?


Students in computer lab to interact with TASA software on Plate Tectonics. Quiz on Monday 5-23-11 on earthquakes and faults. Make sure you can read a seismogram and and know the major fault types. Covers material from 5-10-11.


Students made progress on the History of Plate Tectonics notes (pdf to follow) and discussion. We then watched a short film/video on the development of the theory. Tomorrow and Friday we meet in 207 (computer lab). Take a look at the San Francisco area below. Where is the risk the greatest?


We begin the notes and discussion on the Theory of Plate Tectonics (pdf). There will be a quiz on Monday 5-23-11 on faults and earthquakes. Note the earthquake that hit Costa Rica on 5-13-11 – Magnitude 6.0 on the Richter Scale.



Students continue to locate earthquake epicenters using Virtual Earthquake (see 5-13-11). Homework on Richter Scale, magnitude using a nomogram (posted soon).What would the magnitude be if a quake were 500 km away and the s-wave amplitude was 200 mm?

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Students will use the website Virtual EarthQuake to locate earthquake epicenters and find the magnitude of the earthquakes. The handout for the activity is Virtual Earth Quake as a pdf.

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Serious Smartboard notes 5-12-11 about seismology and locating earthquake epicenters. Nice animation of a seismograph.

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