Week Ending January 20, 2012

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Over the past couple of weeks, the students have been studying the theories of Plate tectonics and Continental drift.  The students looked at Pangaea and the concept that all continents were one large land mass 200 million years ago.  The assessment for this unit is Tuesday 1/24/12.  The next unit starts Wednesday and the students will be exploring the makeup and reasons for volcanoes.


Report cards come home Monday 1/23.  Please keep an eye on IC with your child.  Also, there has been a lot of recent request to accept late work.  I want to remind all parents and students of my policy that NO credit will be given to work submitted past the due date or allowable time after an absence unless there are extenuating circumstances.  If your child wants credit for their work, it must be submitted at the appropriate time.

Week Ending 12/22/2011

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This week the students finished their work on Chapter 4. The students should be experts in the rock cycle and identifying rocks from the three major rock groups. Their work culminated with the end of unit assessment Thursday 12/22. When we all return to school in January, we will be starting the next unit on Plate Tectonics.

The second marking period ends January 18th so please keep an eye on IC with your son/daughter. Hard to believe the year is almost half over already. Have a wonderful holiday break.

Week Ending 12/9/2011

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This week the students looked at the rock cycle and studied igneous and metamorphic rocks. The students evaluated the processes necessary for each rock type to be changed into another. They also looked at the properties and characteristics of igneous and metamorphic rocks by using dichotomous keys to identify unknown rock types in each of the two classifications. The students seemed to enjoy their work even more when the metamorphic rock “schist” was discussed in class.

Our Chapter 4 assessment is scheduled for December 22. Please continue to review IC with your son/daughter once a week. IC is a great place to review academic status/progress with your child.

Week Ending 12/2/2011

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I hope you and your family had a relaxing Thanksgiving break. This week the students finished their work on minerals and started their journey into the rock cycle. The students are working hard and seem to be enjoying the rock unit so far. This coming week the students will be using dichotomous keys to help identify samples of the three major rock groups (sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic).

Please continue to check IC with your child and look for the progress reports to come home if your child is failing any subject. Hard to believe we are half way through the second marking period already.

Week Ending 11/18/2011

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This week the students continued their work on mineral properties and characteristics. Their work included reading and summarizing from the textbook as well as starting a lab series investigating hardness, color and streak, fracture and cleavage, and luster.

In response to the recent rash of student requests to accept late work I would like to include a reminder to all parents and students that I do not accept late work unless there are extenuating circumstances. If the assignment is due on a specific date, the expectation is that students will come to class that day with the completed assignment. If your son/daughter misses class for an absence or other reason (sports, sectionals, student council, etc.) it is their responsibility to find out what they missed and make up the assignment in accordance with District policy. All assignments and due dates are listed on the board, discussed in class, and posted on IC. Also, please remember to check IC with your child at least once a week. Thank you and I hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing Thanksgiving.

Week Ending 11/4/2011

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The past week, the students continued their work with solutions and solubility. They continue to work hard and I look forward to seeing their talents and enthusiasm continue to grow as we wind up our exploration into the different aspects of our chemistry unit. Our assessment on solutions will be this week and that will end our time in chemistry. By the end of the week, the students will start earth science with a look at minerals and rocks.

Reports cards come out this week and parent/ teacher conferences are also this week. Please call the office to schedule an appointment if you would like to meet.  I look forward to meeting many of you this week.

Week Ending 10/21/2011

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This week the students continued their work in Chapter 2 – Chemical Reactions. The work included learning the parts of a chemical equation, how to classify chemical reactions, and some even how to balance chemical equations. I realize some of this work may have presented a challenge to your son or daughter but I am hopeful that self confidence is starting to grow in their abilities to master these new challenges. The 8th grade science department has added some new tools to our Moodle.  Now on the Moodle there are video tutorials connected to some homework assignments.   This new addition is just one more tool your son or daughter can use to help support and reinforce the activities going on in the classroom.


The assessment for chemical equations (Chapter 2 sections 1 and 2) is scheduled for Friday 10/28.  And, as always, keep an eye on IC and email with any questions or concerns.  The end of the first marking period is coming soon (Monday 10/31).

Week Ending 10/14/2011

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This week the students worked on chemical/physical changes and properties. We finished the week with some great demonstrations and a lab connected to the concepts learned in class. This coming week we will finish our work on the changes and properties of matter and start looking at the chemical equations that represent how all the chemical changes occur.

The quiz on Chapter 2, Sections 1 and 2 will be Friday 10/28. The end of the first marking period is Tuesday November 1st. Please keep checking IC with your son/daughter and email or call with any questions or concerns.

Week Ending 10/7

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This week the students ended their work on ionic and covalent compounds. All students took their bonding quiz by Friday. This coming week we are moving on to chemical and physical properties and changes. The students will be working on a 2 day lab applying the concepts with a hands-on approach.

Remember – no school Friday.

Week Ending 9/23/2011

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This week the students worked on getting to know Ionic Compounds. The students determined charges of the metals and nonmetals then composed and named ionic (binary) compounds. The upcoming week will include working with polyatomic compounds and burning salt solutions to use their chemical and physical properties to identify unknowns. Keep an eye on IC for the upcoming quiz dates for each class.

Please keep checking IC with your son/daughter on a weekly basis and email or call if you have any questions or concerns