Week of 12-3-12

Since we are administering Keystone testing during the morning hours, the English class schedule will be changed for this week.

Monday:  First through third period will report to study hall in the cafeteria.  I gave you copies of your assignments, but if you can’t find them, there are extra copies in Google Docs that I have shared with you.

Tuesday:  First through third period again to study hall in cafeteria.  Remember to take something to do!

Wednesday:  First through third period will be in your homeroom.  You will see me for a shorter class later in the day! Aren’t you excited???

Thursday and Friday:  If you have earned it, Seniors have late entry!  Sophomores who have taken Biology will be taking the Keystone test.  If you are a Sophomore and  haven’t taken Biology, you will report to room 206 for a study hall.  Freshmen will go to homeroom.

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Yesterday’s homework was to finish the talk to the text questions on our final section of “Through the Tunnel.” In class, we discussed the meaning of the theme in a story and the climax of a story.

Today’s homework is to read one article in the Scholastic News magazine and write a summary of what you read.

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The students were assigned to complete a graphic organizer about our nonfiction story we read in class today. They were also given a viewer guide to the presidential debate. If they watch a part of the debate and complete the guide they can earn 15 bonus points. This is NOT a REQUIRED assignment–it is for bonus points! We will discuss the debates in class.

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Last night’s homework was sentences for our vocabulary words and to study for today’s quiz on coordinating conjunctions.

Today’s homework is to answer questions 1-4 on the back of Scholastic News which are those related to the article we read aloud in class.

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Test reminder!

I announced yesterday that the students will have a test on coordinating conjunctions on Tuesday of next week (10-2-12).  They should review the conjunctions and their use prior to the test.  We have been reviewing in class and they will be given an additional review assignment to complete over the weekend.

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The students had a review vocabulary this week, since they all had difficulty with this list of words the first time. Their test on the words will be tomorrow. We will do another “writer’s workshop” tomorrow also. This activity involves the students modeling their writing after famous quotes/author’s styles. We then share the results. It is a lot of fun and a good way for students to “try on” several different writing styles.

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Today’s homework: Study for vocabulary test on “Through the Tunnel” which will be on MONDAY.

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Today’s homework: Complete the practice worksheet for conjunctions. Do the two frayer model practice that I handed out in class.

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9/17/12 & 9/18/12

The homework for Monday was to create sentences for our new vocabulary words.

The homework for Tuesday is to complete a practice activity on coordinating conjunctions.

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I collected the second set of literacy board assignments. Some students are still struggling to keep track of their assignments. Please be sure your son/daughter has an organized binder and keeps assignments where they can be found.

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