Week of September 8

English III

This week marks the beginning of our literature study.  After completing the study island benchmark, students will research and present background information for Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun.

Monday – Study Island Benchmark

Tuesday – Study Island Benchmark; Read for SSR when finished (complete SSR journal)

Wednesday – Intro to projects for A Raisin in the Sun

Thursday – Research and prepare projects for presentation

Friday – Presentations for A Raisin in the Sun


English III CP

Students will continue their study of Home by Toni Morrison.  Please view the class calendar for upcoming due dates.

Monday – Close reading chapters 3 & 4, Eugenics:  HW:  Read for understanding – chapters 5 & 6

Tuesday – Literary Analysis chapters 5 &6; HW:  chapters 7-9

Wednesday – Discussion chapters 7-9; HW:  chapters 10-12

Thursday – Literary Analysis chapters 10-12; HW:  chapter 13

Friday:  Close Reading chapter 13; Literary analysis; HW:  Finish the novel


English III Honors

Students will begin our study of the chronological evolution of American literature through our study of Native American and Puritan texts.

Monday – Class presentations on Native American literature: “The Earth on Turtle’s Back”; “When Grizzlies Walked Upright”‘; from The Navajo Origin Legend; from The Iroquois Constitution:  HW:  Read and annotate definitions of Puritanism and Calvinism

Tuesday – overflow for presentation; Introduction to Puritan Literature; HW:  Read for understanding – background on Taylor and Bradford; “Upon the Burning of Our House” and “Huswifery”

Wednesday – “Upon the Burning of Our House” – Anne Bradstreet; “Huswifery” – Edward Taylor; HW:  Read background on Jonathan Edwards and from Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Thursday – discuss rhetorical strategies in Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God; HW:  Study for Test

Friday – Test:  Native American and Puritan Literature; HW:  Research Novel due Monday

Week of September 2

Welcome back to school!  I hope you enjoyed the long weekend and arrive ready refreshed and ready to work!  This week continues many of our topics we began at the start of school.  Please visit the class calendar for details on upcoming due dates.  Thank you!

English III

Students will continue to write their essays on the American Dream on Tuesday and Wednesday in preparation for Thursday’s field trip.  Any permission slips not yet submitted must be done by Wednesday!

Tuesday:  American Dream Essay in Class

Wednesday:  American Dream Essay in Class

Thursday:  Field Trip – North Museum

Friday:  SSR; Finish American Dream Essay

English III CP

Students are working on multiple tasks this week, including the continuation of Home by Toni Morrison and completing the first process essay.

Tuesday:  Chapter 2 due; class discussion

Wednesday: Due:  American Dream Essay; chapter 3 of Home

Thursday:  Field Trip

Friday:  Chapter 4 Due; Close Reading Activity

English III Honors

Class will finalize our discussion of Owen Meany this week, culminating with a unit exam.

Tuesday:  DUE:  Vocab 1; Owen Meany Rites of Passage

Wednesday:  Finalize Owen Meany Discussion

Thursday: Test – Owen Meany

Friday:  Introduction to Native American Literature

Week of August 21

Welcome back to school! This year will be full of many exciting new opportunities. Rise to the challenge; you will find success.

English III

Students will begin the year with a review of class expectations and the syllabus. In addition, the class will review expectations for academic integrity. Please visit the class calendar for long-range planning and due dates.

Due Monday – Signed Academic Integrity sheet; signed contract
Due Tuesday – Organized Notebook

Looking Ahead – Field Trip to the North Museum and Franklin and Marshall College on September 4

English III CP

Throughout the year we will explore the context of the American Dream as it extends to contemporary society. Our unit begins with a review of Jean de Crevecoeur’s Letters from an American Farmer and an introduction to the American Dream.

Thursday – Intro to course expectations and syllabus; HW: Read and complete questions for Letters for an American Farmer
Friday – discuss Letters from an American Farmer and de Crevecoeur’s definition of an American; apply to the American Dream definition. HW: Open-ended response; signed contract and signed Academic Integrity due Monday

Looking Ahead – Field Trip to the North Museum and Franklin and Marshall College on September 4

English III Honors

Summer reading assignments are due the first day of school. We will begin with a definition of style through examination of several Nobel Prize speeches. Class discussion of A Prayer for Owen Meany begins Monday.

Thursday – Summer Reading due; Intro to course and expectations; HW: Read and annotate definition of style and Nobel Prize speeches
Friday – Determine style and importance according to classic authors; Introduction to the American Dream (assignment due Wednesday). HW: Review Owen Meany; signed academic integrity and class contracts due Monday

Looking Ahead – Field Trip to see Les Miserables in New York City on October 8

Week of April 7

English III

This week will begin our reading of Of Mice and Men in preparation for our field trip. Students should make sure they keep up with reading assignments and close reading questions to ensure understanding of the text.

Monday: OMAM Prereading Questions; OMAM Essay – My Life 20 Years from Now (due Thursday); HW – OMAM Chapter 1 Vocabulary
Tuesday: Review Vocabulary Chapter 1; Read Chapter 1 in Of Mice and Men; HW – Vocab 2
Wednesday: Review Vocabulary Chapter 2; Read Chapter 2 Of Mice and Men
Thursday: SSR
Friday: Finish Chapter 2 Of Mice and Men; HW – Vocab 3

English III CPA

Throughout the week we will delve into our study of The Color Purple. Colloquium Essays from Their Eyes Were Watching God are due Monday.


Thematic Development for 2015 Yearbook

Writing Strategies

Lesson 14 and Lesson 15

Week of March 10

English III

Students are finishing research projects throughout this week. All materials must be completed and typed by the time students enter class on Thursday.

Monday: Type the research project
Tuesday: Type the research project
Wednesday: Type the research project
Thursday: Come to class with everything typed, including outline, works cited and works consulted – Peer Edit #1
Friday: Peer Edit #2

English III CPA

This week will bring us to our discussion of The Great Gatsby. Students will continue color analysis while also exploring analysis.

Monday: Color Analysis and Open Ended Response
Tuesday: Structural Discussion of the novel
Wednesday: Thematic Significance of the novel
Thursday: Wrap Up and discuss project
Friday: Test – The Great Gatsby


This week will allow clean up from the yearbook deadlines.

Writing Strategies

Lesson 13

Week of February 24

Happy Monday! Throughout this week students will progress through our current units. Please see the class calendar for specific due dates and assignments.

English III

We have culminated our time in the library. At this point, students will focus on writing the paper. Please note the new due dates on the class calendar.

Monday: Finish note taking on Time Period; Read for SSR
Tuesday: Write the thesis in class
Wednesday: DUE!! 60 NOTE CARDS!! Write the outline; categorize cards and organize for essay
Thursday: Finish typing outline; begin writing the paper
Friday: DUE!! THESIS & OUTLINE!! Write the paper in class using packet

English III CPA

As we continue to prepare for colloquium, students will also complete our unit on Modern American Poetry.

Monday: e.e. cummings – “anyone lived in a pretty how town”
Tuesday: DUE – Vocab 10; Robert Frost – “Mending Wall” and “Out, Out-”
Wednesday: Carl Sandburg – “Chicago”
Thursday: QUIZ – SPoS 10; Comparative Analysis of Gwendolyn Brooks’s “The Explorer” and Sylvia Plath’s “Mirror”
Friday: TEST – Modern and Contemporary Poetry


All pages due no later than 2/28!

Writing Strategies

Progress with Lessons 11 and 12

Week of February 10

Wow! The last two weeks have been a bit crazy – let’s hope the majority of the snow days are behind us. Please consult the calendar for updates to assignments.

English III

Throughout the week we will continue to take notes for our research project. The typed working bibliography is due Tuesday!

Monday: Type Working Bibliography
Tuesday: Due – Working Bib; meet in library to take notes
Wednesday: Library – notes
Thursday: Library – notes
Friday: Library – notes

English III CPA

Although the recent storms have certainly thrown us off track, we are finally making progress with colloquium research. This week brings us to our unit on Modern American Poetry.

Monday: Library – colloquium research
Tuesday: Due: Vocab 9; Intro to Modernism; “Luke Havergal”
Wednesday: “Richard Cory”; “Lucinda Matlock”
Thursday: “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”
Friday: Quiz – Vocab 9 (not spelling); finish “Prufrock”


Students should complete deadline 4 – Due Tuesday, February 11.

Writing Strategies

Students will progress individually through Lesson 10 during this week. Please remember to revise prior lessons based on teacher comments.

Week of January 27, 2014

English III

Welcome to research! We will spend the majority of our class time during the next two weeks in the library. Please arrive promptly and bring all of your research materials. Check the class calendar for our next day scheduled in the classroom.

English III CPA

This week serves as the culmination of our The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn study. Students will complete a comparative analysis of the novel to both the PBS Culture Shock video and the Academy Award winning film, Crash.

Writing Strategies

We have completed the benchmark and are ready to move on to specific lessons. Students are reminded to work at their own pace and to ask questions as needed.


Deadline 4 work. Deadline 3 is past due. Students who have not finished these pages will earn a zero for the assignment.

Week of January 13

English III

Students will finish our study of The Freedom Writers this week prior to commencing research. Please check the class calendar for specific dates and assignments related to research as this is the graduation requirement from York Suburban High School.

English III CPA

Students will continue the study of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, applying literary aspects and social aspects to our analysis. Please check the class calendar for upcoming due dates.

Writing Strategies

Students enrolled in the Fall course will complete the final exam.

New students for the Spring semester will explore course requirements and the grading structure.


Deadline 3 is now past due!

Week of January 2

Happy New Year to students and families! I trust you had a relaxing vacation and look forward to seeing you! As we enter the year of 2014 students will focus on the following theme in addition to regular studies: What are you waiting for?

Students will examine what they believe holds them back from success and strive to conquer those struggles as they enter second semester.

English III

This week brings us to the culmination of our Study Island studies. Students will spend Thursday and Friday taking a Keystone practice exam in preparation for the State text in two weeks.

Due Monday: December Reading Log

English III CPA

As we prepare for Keystone exams in two weeks, students will complete Keystone practice tests and review test-taking strategies as a class.

Due Monday: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


Deadline 3 is due next week! Are you caught up?

Writing Strategies

With only one week left in the course, students should work to finish Lesson 18. This culminating essay serves as the course final exam.