Delirium – Lauren Oliver

“Oliver’s follow-up to her smash debut, Before I Fall (2010), is another deft blend of realism and fantasy.”

Kraus, Daniel Copyright 2010 Booklist

About the Book

We live in a world where their are so many disease to worry about, but who would have thought that love could be the most deadly of them all.  Would you be satisfied to live in a society where you receive an operation in your teen years to cure the disease of love?  Mostly, no one questions the authorities on this issue.  Who would even consider going against the authorities when they threaten your life if you do not comply.  It seems like everyone would want to be safe from the authorities as well as the disease.

Lena is a teenage girl who does start to wonder if the authorities are being truthful about the whole epidemic of the disease of love.  She starts to question who she can trust.  As the day of her operation approaches her life takes a major and unexpected turn of events that leave her reevaluating her family, the laws, and the authorities.  She has always obeyed all of these things, and to rebel against the ways of society could be more deadly than the disease itself.  Will she choose to remain loyal the laws of society or risk rebelling against them?

Trilogy - Pandemonium and Requiem

The Maze Runner – James Dashner – trilogy

“In the Maze Runner Dashner has crafted a creative and engaging novel that’s both mysterious and thought provoking.”

Holiday 2009 Selection

About the Book

Imagine waking up inside a strange box and having no idea how you got there in the first place.  In fact the only thing you can remember is your first name.  As the box opens you notice tons of boys peering in at you.  This is the experience Thomas has on his first day in the Glade.  He soon realizes that every 30 days a new boy is sent to the Glade.  All of the boys are working to try to survive while others try to solve a maze.  The maze can only be explored during the day because at night the doors close to the maze and the grievers are sent out to destroy anyone who was brave enough to stay out in the maze into the night hours.  To the surprise of all the boys shortly after Thomas arrives a very unusual thing happens.  Another person is sent into the Glade, but this time it is a girl.  The boys have no idea why a girl was sent, but they start to become very suspicious of both Thomas and the girl.  Does Thomas know more than he is telling the others? Will they all escape from the maze to freedom?  Why are they in the maze in the first place?

Reader Comments

This book was hard to put down because I wanted to get to the end to find out the fate of all the boys.  I was also so intrigued by the maze and I wanted to find out who would put all these boys in such an awful place.  I could not even comprehend how they had gotten to the place.  The Maze Runner will leave you with more unanswered questions so you will want to read the rest of the trilogy –

The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure.



I’d tell you I Love you, but then I’d have to Kill You – Carter – series

“Clearly chick lit for teens, this story is amusing with engaging characters and a lighthearted plot.”


About the Book

Covert Operations, Culture,  and Advanced Encryption are the common courses for the Gallagher Girls.  On the outside it appears that these girls are part of an ordinary snobby boarding school for girls, but once inside the girls truly are part of a top notch school for spies.  They are being trained to follow in the footsteps of the most successful spies.  Cammie is one of the girls who spends every waking minute at the school even over the summer because her mom is the headmistress.  In a Covert Operation simulation Cammie and the other Gallagher Girls find themselves at a local carnival.  Cammie meets a boy and decides to continue to see him.  The only problem is she must keep her cover as a “normal”  girl.  She must lie in order to not blow here cover.  Will she be able to maintain this forbidden relationship with a boy on the outside?

Reader Comments

This is the first book in a series of books written by Carter.  Girls will love the romance and all of the girl talk.

Matched – Ally Condie – trilogy

“Matched is a page turning, dystopian love story, written with the soul of a poet.  Finally a brave new world that readers from Twilight to the Hunger Games will claim as their own.”

Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl authors of Beautiful Creatures

About the Book

Cassia finally reached the age where she is preparing to attend the most important banquet of her life.  She will find out who the society has selected for her match, the boy she will marry.  She discovers that her match is none other than her best friend.  This is the most wonderful match, until she slips the microchip into the computer, and prepares to learn more about her best friend.  To her surprise another boys picture appears for a split second.  This split second is enough time for Cassia to start doubting if she has been matched with the right boy.  Perhaps the society officials are not perfect after all and they have made a mistake.  As this doubt continues to arise she finds herself rebelling against the society which can place her in serious danger.

Reader Comments

This was my favorite book I read this summer.  I cannot wait for book number two to be released this fall.   Girls if you liked Hunger Games this is a must read.

Trilogy – Crossed

No Passengers Beyond this Point – Gennifer Choldenko

“A fun ride, full of adventure, suspense, and good characterization.”

School Library Journal

About the Book

India, Finn, and Mouse find themselves heading to live with an uncle in Colorado after their mom is unable to pay the bills and they lose their house.  When the flight lands they find that they are not in Colorado, but in some strange location where everything appears to be picture perfect.  A perfect house, a perfect mom, perfect clothes, but it does not last.  More strange things happen to the siblings as they try to figure out how to escape from this odd land that is cut off from the rest of the world.  Their cell phones will not even work.  Are the kids able to find their way back into the “real” world or are they stuck in this bizarre area forever?

Reader Comments

I found this book to be a somewhat strange.  I kept waiting for it to be a dream or a bad plane crash.  However the author does draw the reader in with the dynamic characters.  I found that I wanted to read until the end to find out what happens to the family.  The author of the book also wrote Al Capone Does my Shirts.


The Hunger Games – trilogy – Suzanne Collins

“The Hunger Games is a violent, jarring, speed-rap of a novel that generates nearly constant suspense…I couldn’t stop reading.”

Stephen King – Entertainment Weekly

About the Book

The concept of the Hunger Games in incomprehensible to all of us, but to Katniss Everdeen of District 12 it is very real.  As she awaits the names of the contestants in the upcoming Hunger Games she is completely taken off guard when her younger sister’s name is drawn.  She takes the place of her sister and the trilogy takes off.  Katniss finds herself in the arena where she must fight to the death. Find out the fate of Katniss Everdeen as you become consumed with the Hunger Games trilogy.

Reader Comments

Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay are by far the best series I have read this year.  The trilogy came widely recommended from middle school students, teachers, and adults in the community.  With the glowing reviews I had no choice, but to read all three.  I was so glad that I invested the time to read this well down work by Suzanne Collins.

Elsewhere – Gabrielle Zevin

Elsewhere is a funny, fast paced, and fascinating novel.”

Carolyn Mackler, author of The Earth

About the Book

Liz Hall is an ordinary fifteen year old girl who finds herself in an extraordinary place after she is hit by a taxi when she was leaving the mall one afternoon.  The last thing Liz remembers is being hit by a car and then she somehow finds herself on a boat to Elsewhere.  She is very confused about what has happened to her.  Where are her friends and family?  How did she end up on this ship heading to a new place?  When she arrives in her new home, she learns that Elsewhere is the place one goes when she dies.  Liz reunites with her decesed grandmother and begins her new “life” in Elsewhere.

Reader Comments

Dealing with death can be difficult for the loved ones left behind.  This book shows a different perspective about what it might be like for someone to deal with their own death.  Odd situation, but intriging plot. 

How Not to be Popular – Jennifer Ziegler

“Zippy and full of wit, Ziegler’s work is engaging, touching, and full of laughs.”

Rob Thomas, creator of Veronica Mars

About the Book

Being popular came very easy to Maggie Dempsey.  Her free spirited parents moved many times around the country causing Maggie to leave friends behind as she started a new life in a new state.  Each new school she entered, she found herself in the most popular crowd.  She knew all the lines to say to make herself fit it with the in crowd.  Maggie tires of moving and starting over, so she decides to try her hardest to go against what comes so easily, being popular.  In her new high school she hatches a plan to not make friends.  She tries to not fit in by isolating herself from others and dressing in the clothing from her parent’s consignment shop.  Will her plan to not be popular work out for Maggie?

Reader Comments

In a quest to not be popular Maggie learns a lot about relationships, and what really matters when making friends.  The book challenges the word “popular.”  Is it really all that important to be popular or is it better to find a group of people that care about you as a person.


The Ring – Bobbie Pyron

“The Ring, Bobbie Pyron’s compelling novel, is rich in detail and utterly convincing.”

John Foley, author of Hoops of Steel

About the Book

Mardie is a fifteen year old girl who seems to be heading down the wrong path.  Each day she finds herself in a situation that is only going to lead to trouble, whether it be shoplifting a candy bar or attending a party.  Mardie stumbles upon a girl’s boxing club at the local gym where her step mother frequents.  She soon realizes that boxing is a great way to funnel her negative energy and turn it into something positive.

Reader Comments

Mardie is able to turn her life around in a time that seems like all is lost.  The book provides a great example of how one girl was able to find an extra curricular activity to help her turn the negative energy she had toward her friends and family into something more positive.  This  helps her mature throughout the pages of the text.  Great book for empowering girls.

Bystander – James Preller

“Plenty of kids will see themselves in these pages, making for painful, if important, reading.”—Publishers Weekly

About the Book

Being the new kid in school always seems to be rough. Eric finds himself in the middle of the bullying ring – is he the bystander or is he the target. Day to day Eric is not sure where he stands with the toughest crowd of kids at his new middle school. Eric must stay true to himself and find out how he fits in at the new school.

Reader Comments

 The Bystander is a great book for middle school boys especially those who are new to a school.  Trying to figure out who are friends and who are enemies, this can be a very tough issue to figure out for a middle schooler.  This book shows how one boy wrestles with relationships.