Day Six Deals! February 2010

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Elementary teachers, please remember to look in the subject-sections below as well as in the “Elementary Gems” section. You might find things that you can use.

Here we go!


Mr. Young’s Bouncy A: A great collection of interactive games and activities organized by subject. Well worth some exploration!

SMARTBoard Training Resources: Rockingham County Public Schools (VA) provides a nice collection of SMART training and support materials.

Mnemonicizer: This site helps you create a mnemonic device for a concept that you are trying to remember. (Example: Every Good Boy Does Fine for the notes in the treble clef).

Jeopardy Labs: Design your own Jeopardy game based on your content.

Ideas!: Springfield Township is maintaining a nice list of tech-infused lessons organized by subject area. As a former English teacher, I love the use of blogging to explain various rules of grammar, complete with student-produced video tutorials. Make the kids do the work!

Online Discussion Rubric: This relates a student’s grade to Bloom’s Taxonomy. If you are grading online discussion posts, you could use this talk about what a good post looks like.

In Favor of the Back-Channel: There are many tools that allow kids to participate in an online discussion while watching a presentation or movie together (this is called “back-channeling”). Here is a nice post about the success a teacher had when he asked student to back-channel while watching Glory. Read other posts in this blog as well — good stuff!


Everyday Math Resource List: Cleanly organized resources for Everyday Math.

Best Places for Advice on Using Flip Video: Make great use of those Flip video cameras! Here, Larry Ferlazzo offers the best places for help.

Interactive Clock: For practicing telling time. My own first-grader at home is going to love this!


Mathnavox: Very clean math activities organized by topic — great with a SMARTboard! Don’t miss the assessment files in the upper right of a module. Good stuff.

SMART Math Resources: This may be geared more for younger students, but here are some interactive activities for math organized by subject.

Guess Your Number: While this is fun, someone (wish I could remember now) suggested in their blog that it would be interesting for students to try to figure out the logic behind this trick.

Choose the Function: This interactive game presents am equation and requires students to think about which function needs to be inserted for the equation to be mathematically true. Since it is Interactive, it would work well with a SMARTboard.


Crocodoc: This one is getting a lot of buzz lately — kids don’t need accounts, and they can upload a doc (or PPT, etc.) and then share a unique URL with someone else who can then annotate and mark-up their work. I’m eager to try this with an English class for peer editing. Any takers??

PaperRater: Kids upload their paper and the site offers writing suggestions, grammar help, and notification about possible plagiarism issues. This could be a great writing conference activity!

Interactive Map of Holden Caulfield’s Experiences: The Times ties Google Maps to locations from Catcher in the Rye. Like a Lit Trip, this is a great way for students to conceptualize what they are reading in the book.


Science NetLinks: A HUGE collection of science lesson plan ideas organized by grade level.

100 Best Science Documentaries Online: Nice list!

100 Best Science Experiments Online: Another nice list!

That’s it for now. I know you’re very busy. Thanks for checking into my blog. And if you want to get started with something or need any help — please ask! I will make time for you.

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  1. Beth Landau says:

    Thank you for these helpful resources! Your blog is quickly becoming my Hotlist.

  2. Aly Tapp says:

    Thanks, Beth! I am really looking forward to working with you and your students as you continue to infuse technology and empower your students to take ownership of their learning. You are a teacher-leader!

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