Day Six Deals — Something for Everyone!

For ALL:

Online College Courses List of the 100 Best Educational YouTube Channels — This list is outstanding, and in these specialty channels on YouTube, there is truly something for everyone. You can access college lectures from top universities, interviews with Nobel Prize winners, museum displays, academic tutorials, masterful performances — WOW. All I can say is WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!

Larry Ferlazzo’s Best Learning Game Websites 2010 — Larry Ferlazzo’s blog is always a destination for discovering great material. Here, he focuses on educational online gaming. Having fun while learning is not fluff — it’s just smart!

Discovery Education’s Fall VirtCon 2010 — This is the archive of Discovery Education’s Fall Virtual Conference. You can watch high-quality instruction in various educational technologies. Presenters include Gail Lovely, Hall Davidson, and Steve Dembo — good stuff!


Shakespeare’s Sonnets Displayed as Wordles — Check out this collection of the Bard’s work in graphic display, with more prominent or important words displaying more…prominently. Interesting!

One Word — This wasn’t blocked for me, but I heard that some folks were experiencing a LightSpeed block (?) when they navigated to this site. Anyway, I personally enjoyed posting a 60-second “mad write” to this site, based on the one word that they site gave me as a prompt. Truthfully, I don’t know if I would send students here, only because it doesn’t look like the site itself filters inappropriate posting from potential participants. Still, the idea of this website is fabulous, and we could emulate this with a Moodle forum or a discussion on Edmodo.  You post one word for students to see, you time them while they do a “mad write” for 60 seconds, then all students submit what they have written to the Moodle Forum or Edmodo wall that you set up ahead of time. What a cool way to A) motivate students to write, and B) experience the creative variety that results!


NASA Close-Up — This YouTube channel is devoted to behind the scenes footage of NASA activities. I found this resource by following astronaut Mike Massimino (@Astro_Mike) on Twitter. He regularly posts material related to NASA and space exploration. This guy is a must-follow for science teachers on Twitter!

Larry Ferlazzo’s Best Science Websites 2010 — Terrific finds from a very dedicated blogger.


Math Open Reference — Think of this as an online textbook of sorts. Provide links to this from your Moodle, or use it as a part of classroom instruction.

For SOCIAL STUDIES : — Enter your zip code and get information about candidates in your area.

Project Vote Smart’s VoteEasy — This site asks questions about various issues, then identifies the candidate in your zip code that most closely matches your views on any particular issue.

Larry Ferlazzo’s Best Social Studies Websites 2010 — Terrific finds from a very dedicated blogger.

I hope you and your students find some of this useful! Let me know if I can assist in collaboration of planning and/or instruction.

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