Day Six Deals

Happy Thanksgiving!

Among the many things we have to be thankful for, let’s also be thankful that as educators, we’re in the business of life-long learning. We don’t appreciate it when our students say silly things like, “I just don’t get math” or “When am I ever gonna need to know Spanish?” We expect them to put in the time and effort to learn challenging things because we know those things are important. Let’s model this learning in our own lives! If you feel yourself about to say, “I’m just not good with computers” or “I’m doing fine without that technology” — consider the message this sends to students about our own willingness to put in the time and effort to stay current in this crazy world. We’re educators — life-long learning is an important (and wonderful!) part of our job.

And now, to the RESOURCES!


Rubrics: Lots and lots of them!


Thanksgiving Mad Libs: Reinforce parts of speech while having some Turkey Day fun.


Google Docs Templates for Math/Science: If you are interested, this is a good place to start with Google Docs. Don’t recreate the wheel!


Teaching Chemistry with a SMARTboard: This wiki provides many, many SMART Notebook files that explore various concepts in Chemistry. Wow!

Chemeddl: The Chemistry Education Library


Rethinking the Goal of Math Education: This TED talk proposes that current math education focuses much too heavily on computation by hand. The speaker, Conrad Wolfram, suggests that “real world” math is computer math, and that this reality should be embraced in math education. You might not agree with everything he has to say, but it is great food for thought.


Life Magazine Timelines: An interesting way to view a chunk of history — high quality!

Library of Short US History Videos: A nice collection from Glencoe!


Teaching Economics with Seinfeld: Apparently, Seinfeld episodes contain a lot of economics. This site is organized by the economics principles addressed in specific episodes.


Source Evaluation and MLA Citation Wizard: I love this website! Yes, it generates the MLA citation based on the data you enter. I love that it teaches as it gathers the info. Is the necessary skill really knowing what punctuation goes where? Or is the real goal to teach students about citation in general? This site cuts out the tedious part so you can focus on the important research goal.

Teaching Vocabulary with the NYT: Who knew that the New York Times had done so much to help English teachers engage students in contextually relevant vocabulary study?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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  1. Siri says:

    Thanks for these Aly! I plan to use some when teaching economics in the DO class.

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