I work with AMAZING People!

We need to celebrate each other more often. I am bursting with pride right now, pride in the work that my colleagues do. Times are tough, money is tight, PSSAs loom on the dreary March horizon, but let’s all pause for a minute and remember that York Suburban teachers are some of the hardest-working, innovative, dedicated, caring and AMAZING educators out there!

I have evidence (hey, one could even call this a data-driven post!). Have you checked out our public listing of blogs lately? I recently viewed this list. I clicked on a link to see what was going on in our blogs. I was IMPRESSED. I clicked another. And another. And another! And on and on….

Some teachers are posting daily class recaps, complete with notes and assignments. Others make announcements. Many include pictures. A few even include STUDENT work and student blog posts! I want to link to specific blogs to prove my point, but I don’t want to embarrass anyone by specifically pointing out their work (or offend anyone for not linking to them!).

Surely the students and parents (not all, but many!) utilize and appreciate this effort to stay connected. These educators are brave and confident folks, who take the time to maintain a transparent classroom — a classroom that allows the public to peek inside. We teachers need to stop being so secretive about the hard and important work that we do. These blogs stand as examples of one way that we can let the world know that we’re serious about educating children, and we strive to be connected and available.

Sometime in the next week, make sure you check out your colleagues’ work. (Hint: Right-click on links in the list to have the option to open each link in a new tab. Open a bunch in new tabs, and then view and close each tab — we’ll call it a Trojan Tab Tour.)

If you are as impressed as I am, please make sure you COMMENT on one of their blog posts to tell them that you think what they are doing is fantastic. IT IS. And they should hear that!

Way to go, York Suburban! CHEERS! I couldn’t work with better people!

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6 Responses to I work with AMAZING People!

  1. Mary Beth Grove says:

    Dear Aly,
    Thank you so much for a wonderful post! I am SO fortunate to be part of York Suburban and East York Elementary. Each day I observe dedication, committment and great things happening in our classrooms!

    I am so honored to work with a fantastic group of people. Kudos to YSSD teachers! Thank you :o)

  2. Mr. Whiteley says:

    Warning: self-promotion . . . . Check out the Integrated Science II blog or the Astronomy Spring 2011 blog. The students love the clustrmap and making comments themselves.:D Thanks for the shout out Aly!

  3. Bettie Bertram says:

    Amazing!! Where were you when I was a student? Love the maps and notes..can’t imagine how much fun you have with the students…

  4. Russell Greenholt says:

    Your comments about our teachers are spot on! Speaking for the high school, our teachers provide our students with unique opportunities to enrich their studies and create a curiosity for learning that is remarkable. We are fortunate to have dedicated, caring teachers who are genuinely concerned about the education of our students.

  5. Cathy Shaffer says:

    Ditto to all the above accolades! Over the years whenever I’ve returned from a national conference, it’s always with a renewed gratitude that is centered around the staff. Thanks for sharing Aly!!!

  6. Ashley Thrush says:

    Wonderful work, friends!! 🙂

    @Steve… thanks a LOT for inviting us to scroll through your blog! :)~ I found the link to that “Acid & Bases song”… which, of COURSE, like a music nerd, I HAD to click on…And now it will likely be stuck in my head for a few days. 🙂
    But that’s a good thing, right?–because if it’s stuck in MY head, surely it’s stuck in your students’ heads…meaning the INFO will stick, too!! 🙂

    Good work, everyone! So proud to work here!

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