Face to Face — A New Option in Moodle! And a Surprise, Too!

Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 9.57.56 AMHey all you Moodlers! We have a new option for you to use in Moodle — Face to Face! The module allows you, the teacher, to set up available time frames, such as research paper conference slots or group presentation days and times. Students may then click on the scheduling module, see the available times, and then reserve a spot! It’s easy to use.

This reminds me of the transition that we made a few years ago, when we switched from paper computer lab sign-outs in the work room to the online reservation system. Many of you have indicated how much you like being able to reserve a lab from the comfort of your home on a Sunday night. Let’s give students the same anytime/anywhere access!

If you are interested in using Face to Face, please drop me a line. I will meet with you and walk you through your first set-up.

So, what’s the surprise? We have also added a new spam-filtering feature to WordPress, our blogging platform. If you post a comment below, you will notice that there is now a puzzle that you must put together to prove to WordPress that you are human. This is a twist on the strange, wavy “captcha” decoders that you often see on websites (I think this is easier, but Vincent informs me that some of them are tough for folks like him who are color blind…if you are color-blind, please grab a nearby color-sighted friend to help you). Please feel free to post a comment on this post so you can experience the new Captcha puzzle (you must not be logged into WordPress yourself when you do this — no one who is logged into WordPress will see the puzzle because we already know you’re human). If you would like me to activate this feature on your YS blog, please ask, and I will take care of it!

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5 Responses to Face to Face — A New Option in Moodle! And a Surprise, Too!

  1. Katie Seufert says:

    Please activate this on my Global Studies blog:)

  2. Kate Newland says:

    Please activite it on my blog too!

  3. Kelly Paraskevakos says:

    I think this is great–hopefully it will stop the random Greek spam I keep getting in response to my Seminar posts (ah, thanks to the last name)!

  4. Michelle says:

    Very nice (both things)!

  5. Leigh Foy says:

    Hey Aly,
    Add me to the list! This is great! And thank you for keeping us so informed and up to date on all things techy!

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