German Class Visits the Holocaust Museum

Frau Falatovich’s German III students had the privilege of visiting the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, thanks to generous funding from the Central Pennsylvania Holocaust Education Fund of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities in Memory of Sidney Slotznick. After they returned, they took two class periods to reflect on their experience and build a very quick website using Google Sites. They will share this website with their benefactor as a way of saying thank-you. I was incredibly impressed with the students, who understood the task, distributed responsibilities, and efficiently completed their work. I think the result is quite impressive. Please visit the website they built. The links to the various pages of the website are on the left, and you will get a sense for how they designed their product. Frau and I provided only minimal guidance; the product is truly the students’ creation. If you see Frau Falatovich, please extend your congratulations to her and her students.

Frau Falatovich German III

The front page of the students' site

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4 Responses to German Class Visits the Holocaust Museum

  1. Shelby Marks says:

    Wow – very nice job! Well laid out, easy to use, and very interesting. Congratulations on a job well done! Ms. Marks, Guidance Office

  2. Leigh Foy says:

    Very impressive – congrats to all!

  3. shelly merkle says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reactions to this trip! I am so glad that you had the opportunity to experience this museum….and you obviously learned much from it. You really did a fantastic job of sharing it with others!

  4. Kate Orban says:

    Well done!!

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