Searching in Google Docs (aka: where’d my file go?)

I experienced some weirdness yesterday with newly-created Google docs not showing up in my docs list when I looked for them moments after creation. I heard from others that this was not just happening to me. Google indicated that the issue was happening all over the place, just as of yesterday, and that they were expecting to have the issue fixed within a day. I checked this morning, and all of my docs are in my list, and a newly-created doc shows up immediately in the list. I hope the same is true for all of you. There are two tricks that you can always use to find docs, no matter how you have your list sorted:

1. Use the search box at the top of the Google docs list to find your doc. If you encourage (even require) your students to follow the file naming protocol, you can search by the keyword you told them to use. This is a great way to quickly list all the docs collected for a particular assignment. You can then even select them all and drag them into a collection where you can easily locate them in the future. For this reason, among others, I strongly encourage you to use the YS File Naming Protocol that we use at the HS (the MS version may be slightly different — Jamie?).

2. Apparently, if you type an asterisk (*) in your search box, docs that seemed to be missing will appear again. I tried it. It works. We’ll call it the Google Doc Zombie Trick.

Please keep in mind that there are many ways to sort your docs list. I didn’t like the new layout initially, either, but I have come to like it. Explore the options — there are many. You can sort using the descriptors in the left column. You can sort by type of document using the blue drop-downs at the top of the docs list. You can also sort by priority/title/etc. using the “sort by” drop down at the top right of the docs list. Docs can be dragged and dropped in collections, and can even exist in more than one collection at a time. Pay attention to the search box: if you have criteria listed there, your search will be limited to those criteria. You can click the “x” next to the search criteria to clear the limit you may have placed on your search. While all these options initially seem like overkill, they really do give you ultimate flexibility.

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  1. Leigh Foy says:

    Timely help, as always! As is my per usual, I haven’t paid attention to the organization in my GD until I am swamped with documents:)

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